flagRecently, we filmed in Vieques and Culebra the most beautiful wedding.  It also was a great testing grounds for our aerial drones.

GLOWMedia maintains and produces videos for the GLOWAustin Youtube Channel and 6 other channels.  This GLOWAustin channel is an archive of what is happening spiritually right now in Austin.  It’s purpose is to share great resources to people all over the world.  We would love if you check it out and subscribe.  There is something for everyone.  The other youtube channels are diy tutorials, media depots for clients to view content, and other specialty topics.  Click the link on the left to enjoy!

Live Worship Capital CD Promo

GLOWMedia created the promo video for Live Worship Capital’s Vol. 1 (LWC) CD release.  We took LWC’s vision and filmed musicians perspective and combined photos taken from GLOWMedia and LWC during the edit process.  After approval, the video was sent out through social media channels informing the public of this great collection of songs.  GLOWMedia also recommends this CD; The music is incredible! Purchase it from our friends at www.liveworshipcapital.com .

The Jim House Tribute

Occasionally, we are asked to celebrate a person’s life by making a tribute video.  When a loved one passes, the family can be overwhelmed by the arrangements.  We are experienced in finding memorial function centers, musicians and help with coordinating and planning the reception. We can take a sad season and bring Joy!

Lisa Fritsch for 48th Texas Governor

Check outLisa4Texas.com to see a quality candidate!  Who knows, the Ads and Media you see might just have originated from our designs!

  • GLOWMedia is not political but we support candidates  who choose to lead our country by their faith and integrity.  In this last season we were asked by Lisa Fritsch, a candidate for Texas Governor, to work as her Media Team for their campaign.  This  involved: Videography, Photojournalism, Ads and short speeches, Media creation and design for handouts, Supervising a Social Media Campaign, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and Online Analysis  (to gauge the effectiveness of the team’s work)
Candidates that support LIFE!

Explore God's Heart for You! - Janice Seney

GLOWMedia captured the messages and atmosphere of this event. The end products were HD-quality videos of the speaking sessions, YouTube Material for FAQ’s, and photographs which showed the heart of the event.


GLOWMedia loves to capture the beauty of God portrayed in weddings.  We are equipped to help future couples with planning, pre-wedding to post-wedding media.  We can set-up the website for the special day which gives the attendees information and portals to the gift registries, accomodations, and any key info that might be needed.  We can design the invitations and send them out.  We also are great at capturing the key moments from the engagement, bridal showers, parties, and the Wedding day with videography and photography.

Tactical Training

Recently we did a photo shoot from a firearms training class that was held in Smithville, Texas.  The class was taught by Jame Yeager.  James is a professional firearms instructor and owns Tactical Response, providing the highest end firearms and tactical training possible.  Check them out at: www.tacticalresponse.com.